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GAIO Engineering Services


Provide quality engineering services based on current market needs and requirements

GAIO as a tool vendor maintains an understanding of current industry development methods and techniques through regular market research. Also, through regular business activities, GAIO has an understanding of customer needs and market trends domestic and abroad.
This enables us to provide solutions optimized for our customer's development processes, methods and tools in order to satisfy safety, security and quality requirements.

Process creation and tool installation solution for MBD and MDD

Currently MBD using MATLAB/Simulink models has become a focal point in automotive embedded system design. Meanwhile, MDD using UML (Unified Modeling Language) or ADL (Architecture Description Language) is emerging as a means for implementing and testing application software. GAIO provides support services for establishing quality development processes and efficient tool introduction to meet the needs of the industry.

Provide software quality improvement solutions

We provide an efficient unit test service based on our experience with software development tool technologies such as cross-compiling, unit testing and system simulation. We also propose improvements for customer software design and programming processes. Furthermore, we can provide solutions to improve customer software quality using our established test operation procedure methods.

Offer high quality test services as required by functional safety standard ISO 26262

We provide high quality embedded software unit test services to satisfy automotive functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508. In this field our knowledge and experience of functional safety related requirements and certification provides added value to our customers.
We maintain a network of Japan and offshore based partners as a resource for providing flexible and quick engineering services.

Our engineering services add to customer collective ability

Established service framework with domestic and offshore service partners

Expanding engineering service operations


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