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Engineering Service

Provide security coding support based on ISO 26262 standards
Accelerate QCDD (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Development)
Reduce test operation costs through the use of offshore partners

We contribute to improving customer development and engineering ability

We provide engineering services to support customer development based on our over 30 years of experience in embedded tool development. As a experienced tool vender we have access to extensive embedded industry information valuable to our customers. At present we primarily provide a wide variety of services for model-based development related support and embedded software quality improvement.
In addition, based on our close relations with our customers we can develop and improve useful test tools solutions. We are truly grateful for your consideration in using our engineering services.

Engineering Service Features

Case Examples

Engineering Service Case Examples

Model Centered Development Service

GAIO provides comprehensive MBD and MDD solutions we call “Model Centered Development” (MCD) services based on our embedded development tool and service experience.

MALTAB/Simulink Model Development Services
MBD Process Establishment and Tool Integration Services

Solutions for Advancing Quality Technology

GAIO provides test process improvement proposals and consultation to improve customer software quality.

Embedded Software Unit Test Services








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