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Embedded Software Tools

Embedded development and test tools

GAIO began as an original cross compiler developer in 1980. Now GAIO develops embedded development and test tools based on our own core microprocessor code generation, code analysis and simulation technologies.

Global tool interlink solution

Global tool Interlink Solution (GiS) is GAIO's new comprehensive development and verification solution for embedded developers. GiS allows for GAIO's original tools and services to be linked with other tools in order to create custom tool chains for comprehensive testing solutions.


System Design Tools

Software Design Tools

GAIO Software Design Tools

HighTec Cross Compiler

Functional Safety Compliant Test Tools

Model-based Test Tools

Target Hardware Test System

Simulator-based Family


Embedded Development & Verification Tools

Embedded Development Tools

VerificationGAIO has a variety of embedded software development tools available including applications for automotive ECUs, printer mechanical controls, and other basic tools such as cross compilers and assemblers.

CoverageMaster winAMS : Target code based unit test tool
MC-Verifier : Integrated Model/Code Back-to-Back Test Tool

CasePlayer2 : Program analysis and MISRA-C rule check tool

Safilia: ISO26262 edition, SCDL safety concept design tool

Simulator Based Family - Virtual Verification Tools

GAIO’s Simulator Based Family consists of microprocessor simulator based virtual verification environment solutions. System level verification can be performed by connecting HW simulation models with a microprocessor simulator.

Simulator Based Family - Virtual Verification Tools

VECU-G : Virtual ECU Verification Solution
VMPF-G : Virtual Multi-ECU System Verification Solution

Model Based Automotive Software Solutions

GAIO provides comprehensive MBD verification solutions using the GIS concept to link with other company's tools. A variety of ECU software solutions are available, including unit testing as well as GAIO's very own ECU virtual testing environment called 'SPILS,' which performs simulations without requiring ECU hardware.

Model Based Automotive Software Solutions
Automotive Functional Safety ISO 26262 Solution
Automotive MBD Tools and Services

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