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CoverageMaster winAMS

Target code based embedded C/C++ software unit test tool
Unit testing on actual MPU target code using instruction set simulator
Automatically create input test data for C1 & MC/DC coverage
Certified by TÜV SÜD as a tool that meets the ISO26262 and IEC61508 standards


MPU target code based unit test and code coverage measurement tool

CoverageMaster winAMS is an automated embedded software unit testing tool that executes the target MPU device's code for achieving reliable testing results. The standard coverage modes C0, C1, and MC/DC are fully supported.

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Perform unit testing reliable as close to target MPU as possible

Specialized hook code or test drivers are not required for unit testing with CoverageMaster WinAMS. The target MPU code is executed as is, for reliable as close to the actual device as possible test results. As an additional advantage, this means that setting up a separate test environment is not required.

Automatic coverage test data creation

C1 and MC/DC test data for code-based unit test can be automatically created through the use of the source code static analysis feature.

ISO 26262/IEC 61508 Functional Safety Standard Certified

CoverageMaster winAMS complies with ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard and IEC 61508 functional safety meta-standard. Tool certification was granted by third-party certification organization TÜV SÜD Germany.

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Main Features

Unit Test Integrated Management Tool 'SSTManager'

SSTManager is an integrated management tool used to access the unit testing processes. These include configuring test settings, creating test data, managing test data and STUB functions, executing test operations, starting the ISS and viewing test reports.

Auto Measure C0, C1 and MC/DC coverage

CoverageMaster supports C0 and C1 coverage measurement used for general embedded software, and MC/DC measurement required for automotive functional safety standard (ISO 26262).

Automatically create input test data for C1(Branch Coverage) & MC/DC coverage

Optimized test input data for C1 & MC/DC coverage may be created automatically through code analysis.

Automated unit testing features

Automated features to promote unit test efficiency such as global variable detection and displaying structure member variables are supported.

Newly supported 'Function/Call Coverage' testing (option)

To comply with ISO26262, the structural coverage at the software integration level is required in accordance with ASIL. CoverageMaster supports function/call coverage for integration testing. Function/call coverage can be measured automatically by loading test cases into the top function of a component with integrated function units. The tool certification obtained in 2013 includes the 'Function/Call Coverage' testing feature.


C++ unit testing supported (option)

The C++ option is available to support C++ code unit testing. During testing class objects are allocated to memory based on the class definitions. Further, static class object are assigned to the target in order to perform unit testing on methods (functions) within the target class.

Easy access to source code and program documents

The source code and CasePlayer2 created program documents may be easily accessed from CoverageMaster’s interface. Program documents include flowcharts or module structure diagrams useful for code reviews and getting a visual representation of the program’ structure.

CoverageMaster General MPU version

‘CoverageMaster General’ may be used to perform C logic level unit testing for applications that do not require assembly target code level testing. The test package includes a general use ANSI-C compatible compiler and MPU simulator.

Product maintenance and service

GAIO product maintenance contract includes: version updates, technical support, initial startup seminars and changing MPU device services.

MPU Support

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