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Creates program documents by analyzing source code
Improves software reliability of newly developed source code
Aids understanding of existing software resources
Certified by TÜV SÜD as a tool that meets ISO 26262 standard


Integrated Reverse CASE Tool for Embedded Development

CasePlayer2 is an integrated reverse CASE tool that can create program documents such as flowcharts and MISRA-C reports from analyzing the source code. It includes a Document Browser for easy access to the program documents and source code for review.

Fast and Easy Program Document Creation

CasePlayer2's analyzer is easy to use because it reads the actual source code logic without requiring any special comments or #pragma descriptions. It is also fast, capable of scanning 10,000 lines of C code in a matter of seconds.

Document Examples
Flowchart, Module (Function) Specification Sheet, Module Structure Diagram, Module (Function) List,
Structure Specification Sheet, Structure List.

Document examples

Create External Variable and Structure Reference Lists

External variable and structure reference/assignment lists may also be created with CasePlayer2. This feature provides a quick reference, and can be useful in finding unexpected read/write external variable and structure errors.

Static Analysis Report Examples
Global Variable List, typedef List, #define List, Global Variable Reference List, Function Reference List,
Structure Reference List, Structure Member Reference List.

Printer-Friendly, Customizable, Save Documents in MS-Word / HTML File Format

CasePlayer2 documents are printer friendly, user customizable and may be saved in MS-Word or HTML format for easy access from external applications.

MISRA-C Checker

MISRA-C 1998 & 2004 rule sets for C code checking are supported with configurable options.

Source Metrics
Cyclomatic complexity, Myer's interval, nesting count, code size, number of comment lines, static path count, etc.


Certified by TÜV SÜD as a tool that meets ISO 26262 standard

GAIO is the first company to obtain tool certification for the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 in the Asia-Pacific region. Tool certification was granted by third-party certification organization TÜV SÜD Germany.

GAIO’s unit test tool, “CoverageMaster winAMS/General” and program analysis tool, “CasePlayer2” have been recognized by TÜV SÜD as tools that meet all the safety standards for the static analysis and unit testing phases.

Normally ISO 26262 requires users to create development tool certification reports according to TCL (Tool Confidence Level) for each software tool used. However, the tool certification granted to these tools is applicable for even the highest-required tool confidence level (TCL3). Thus, users of GAIO’s certified tools are not required to perform tool certification on their own regardless of TCL.

CasePlayer2 Application Examples

CasePlayer2 is a tool that can quickly create visual charts directly from the source code, and has a variety of applications during different phases of development. Please refer to the following diagram for examples.

[A] Analyze the source code for possible issues during the design phase

When porting existing code resources to new development projects, the flowchart and module structure charts may be particularly useful for understanding the source code logic. This can be accomplished very quickly with CasePlayer2's ability to scan 10,000 lines of C code in 5 seconds.

[B] Improve software reliability by performing source code reviews

The first step in improving software reliability is a source code review conducted by project members to eliminate any errors and discover more efficient implementations. CasePlayer2 can quickly produce flowcharts and module structure charts to aid in the source code verification process.

[C] Create standardized program documents as records

Program specification documents are an important resource for future development projects. By using CasePlayer2 standardized program documents can be created directly from the source code simply and quickly.

Main Features

- Document Browser for viewing program documents and source code
- Create a variety of documents including:
    Module Structure Diagram, Module Specification Sheet, Structure Specification Sheet, Flowchart,
    Module List, Structure List, etc.
- Compatible Source Code: ANSI-C, embedded C and assembly
- Save documents in MS-Word or HTML file format
- Save charts in BMP or PNG image file format
- Printer-friendly
- Fast and easy to use

Information Links

CasePlayer2 Brochure Download (English)