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Embedded World 2016 Exhibition and Conference


GAIO will attend the exhibition show 'Embedded World 2016' !

GAIO will attend the exhibition show 'Embedded World 2016 held at Fachmesse in Nuremberg, Germany.

We will display the MBD Back-to-Back test tool 'MC-Verifier', the ISO26262 safety concept design tool 'Safilia', the security risk assessment tool 'SecuLia', and the embedded software unit testing tool ’CoverageMaster winAMS'.

Date: 23 - 25 /Feb/2016
At: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany
GAIO TECHNOLOGY's Booth : 4-408, Hall 4

GAIO's Booth Location

GAIO's Exhibitions

MC-Verifier : Integrated Model/Code Back-to-Back Test Tool

* Back-to-Back (B2B) Test Tool for meeting ISO 26262 requirements
* Model-to-Model, Model-to-Software, Model-to-Target-Code B2B Testing
* Identify test error location (subsystem) on Simulink model
* Trace test errors over time on Simulink model
* Code Coverage (Statement, Branch, MC/DC)

MC-Verifier is an integrated test tool for performing model-based development Back-to-Back testing required by ISO26262 functional safety standard.

Debug and verify consistency between model,software,and target code implementation at a variety of development phases.

MC-Verifier Product Information

MC-Verifier presentation at Embedded Technology2015


Safilia : Safety Concept Design Tool

* Safety concept modeling tool for ISO26262
* Based on Safety Concept Description Language (SCDL)
* Graphical block diagramming feature
* Clearly share safety concept information between designers and developers

Safilia is a safety concept modeling tool based on the 'Safety Concept Description Language' specification defined by Safety Concept Description Working Group(SCN-SG).

Safilia has a graphical block diagramming feature that enables to share the information about safety concepts between designers and developers.

Safilia Product Information

Safilia presentation at Embedded Technology2015


SecuLia : Security Risk Assessment Tool

* Adopt the widely used threat analysis “attack tree” method
* Support the association method of the FTA and ATA mutual analysis
* In addition to security analysis, perform analysis with a focus on mutual influence of the security and safety analysis

SecuLia is a security risk assessment tool based on “attack tree”analysis method.
Applicable to ISO 26262`s Part 3 safety concept, Part 4 (system-leveldevelopment), Part 5 (hardware development), Part 6 (software development) and equivalent secure development processes.


Coverage Master winAMS: ISO26262 certified embedded software unit test tool

* Target code based embedded C/C++ software unit test tool
* Unit testing on actual MPU target code using instruction set simulator
* Automatically create input test data for C1 & MC/DC coverage
* Certified by TÜV SÜD as a tool that meets the ISO26262 and IEC61508 standards

CoverageMaster winAMS is an automated embedded software unit testing tool that executes the target MPU device's code for achieving reliable testing results.

The standard coverage modes C0, C1, and MC/DC required by Automotive Functional Safety Standard ISO26262 are fully supported.


CoverageMaster winAMS Product Information


CoverageMaster winAMS presentation at Embedded Technology2015


Pictures at GAIO booth last year